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Pre season result: Assyriska - Sirius 2-1


The youngsters had a second chance to prove themselves and to the crowd that they should be considered as, not only the players for the future but also for today. Mattias Genc and Nahir Besara scored for Assyriska in the 2-1 game against Sirius.


The opponent was Sirius, the team that used to play in the Superettan l (same league as Assyriska) last season but relegated to the second league. Assyriska didn?t use many of the players from last game because the manager wanted to see how the youngsters did against a better team than previously. It was very inspiring to see how well these players performed and you have to admit that it looks promising for the future.

In the first half, Assyriska dominated the midfield and didn?t allow Sirius to build up any attacking strategies. Besara, with Kotilainen, Makdessi and Mbye had it all under control. The first goal came after 28 minutes when Makdessi crossed the ball to a running Mattias Genc and Sirius defender. With determination, Genc took the ball from the defender and passed the ball on the left hand side of the keeper. Minutes later, Ilyas Merkes got injured and had to leave the field. Let us hope that it wasn?t any serious. Da Silva came on instead.

On the second half, Sirius wanted more and they were close to equalize on the 49th minute from a conter attack.  On the 55th minute, the crowd didn?t come to Nineveh arena for nothing. A fantastic combination by the midfielders Makdessi and Kotilainen ended the ball to a Nahir Besara who volleyed it beautifully in the net. After the second goal, Assyriska dropped the tempo and allowed Sirius to have more possession and create chances. They didn?t come closer than an own goal on the 77th minute. The last 10 minutes contained nothing more than a couple of substitutes from both teams.




Publicerad: 1 mar 2010 i kategorin Senior

Skribent: Isak Betsimon



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