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Preseason result: Assyriska FF - Hammarby 2-2


Last weekend, Assyriska faced one of the competitors for the top 2 positions. Assyriska was down by 0-2 in the first half but in the last 30, the new signing Laitinen and Makdessi made sure that Assyriska could go home without any dissatisfaction of their performance.


Hammarby IF aim is to go back to Allsvenskan and so far, during the preseason, the players have proven good quality but they haven?t faced one of their competitors for the promotion yet. Assyriska was the first team and the interest by both supporters was huge as the game had over one thousand viewers during the cold Saturday afternoon.

Assyriska started to take command initially but had difficult to create any good chance as Hammarby defended well. After 14 minutes, Hammarby had their first chance after some confusion by the Assyriska defenders and Hallenius scored the goal for Hammarby. After the goal the Hammarby players gained their confidence and started to move up their positions which made it more difficult for Assyriska to create any attacking moves. On the 37th minute, Assyriska tried for the equilising goal but with a quick Hammarby counter attack we were down by 0-2.

Hammarby came on the second half with good confidence and it looked as if they were having their third goal but Magnus Bahne made sure that Assyriska still has a chance to be back in the game. On the 60th minute, Assyriska made two substitutions. Besara and Makdessi came on for Östlundh and Marklund. Five minutes later, we saw a fantastic attack, served by Besara and Björkeryd which ended by the former Hammarby player Haris Laitinen. The scores were 1-2 and Assyriska gain confidence and we could see more of the Assyriska that we are familiar with. On the 70th minute, another fantastic attack, this time by Eddie Moussa serving George Makdessi. 2-2 was a fact and Assyriska was aiming for the winning goal.

The last 20 minutes contained of massive Assyriska attacks with unfortunate results. Nahir Besara was closest to score on the 89th minute but the Hammarby keeper made a good save. 







Publicerad: 8 mar 2010 i kategorin Senior

Skribent: Isak Betsimon



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